Fall forward

Red carpet copy

It’s been a while. On top of the usual daily grind, I’ve spent the last few weeks reworking my next book. I wrote ‘The End’ then received some editorial feedback which sent me back to the keyboard.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was improving or simply confusing the plot. It took me ages to find the new path within the storyline and to lose a character that I had grown fond of, in order to make it a stronger book. Eventually I gave him up (sorry Fergus) honed, deleted, moved and tweaked until just this week. Now, it’s finished – again! With that, Finding Heather (which now should probably be called Reconstructing Heather) will be available in November.

It’s been an invaluable experience – informative, frustrating, instructional and humbling. I took the advice because I trust the source and while I did have a pout – and a bit of a strop initially – I totally see the sense in it now. Thank you, Bev!

More exciting news is that The Father-Daughter Club was recently selected for an international e-book promotion. From tomorrow, it will be pushed out to over 100,000 literary fiction readers around the world. It’s with a promotion group that I’ve been hoping to work with, so I am absolutely thrilled about this opportunity.

So on that note, here’s hoping everyone is ready for autumn, turning the clocks back, sweaters, log fires and all the lovely things the colder weather brings. I certainly am.






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