The most wonderful time of the year

Along with all the usual tasks and projects, that are juggled within a normal week, this one had several Christmas specials on the menu. We had a selection of delicious appetizers including work and a full writing and editing schedule. Entree’s included two huge, rotting mulberry trees being removed from the back garden (chain saws and conference calls do not go well together) Continue reading



No, this is not about being trapped on a desert island with a basket ball… but that was a great story. This is about that moment, at 5.43am, when the name you’ve been searching for for 3 days suddenly and annoyingly springs into your mind, tearing you from the fitful sleep you were in. Continue reading

Human Noise


Have you ever noticed, when the power goes out unexpectedly, how startlingly silent the house becomes? No lights buzzing, computers humming, fridges vibrating, TV’s crackling – all those noises that we hear constantly, but don’t notice anymore, stop. Continue reading

Write on!

Last Sunday was perfect for writing. Saturday’s errands were run, shopping was done, house was clean (as clean as it was going to get) and the day stretched out before me with persistent rainfall and endless possibilities. Two manuscripts whispered at me ‘write me today‘ and I was spoiled for choice. Continue reading

Do Not Weep

When someone who is deeply loved is lost there never seem to be the right words to say, or the right way to say them, to those who feel that loss the most. Some of us make the mistake of not saying anything at all, for fear of causing more pain, while others blunder our way through awkward platitudes. Continue reading



I wish they’d be quiet. The voices in my semi sleep state. Sometimes I welcome them, as new characters in one of my books, or as old friends I miss. Sometimes they are simply nattering, keeping me awake and are frankly very annoying. Continue reading

Life backwards


It’s humid out tonight. Just for a change we decided to walk the dogs in reverse, confusing the living daylights out of them by taking them in the opposite direction around the usual route. It’s funny how just walking it in reverse made it seem like a totally new experience to them.

Continue reading

Mercury retrograde


Mercury sucks. Sorry, but its true. My astrologer friend told me how long this retrograde phase lasts and I’ve been counting the damn days. By rights it should be over now, but it seems the effects are lingering. Here’s the litany of some of the mercurial events that have affected me and mine, over the past two weeks: Continue reading